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About TeamViewer 

TeamViewer focuses on cloud-based technologies to enable online support and collaboration in real time across the globe. Remote support, remote access, and online collaboration are not mere buzzwords. They represent helping people, better-integrating technology into our daily lives, and creating new ideas. TeamViewer believe that wonderful things happen when people get together, and technology should make this possible for them from anywhere in the world. It should act as a catalyst to promote and amplify people’s ideas and their ability to solve issues and overcome challenges. People have collectively used the technology from TeamViewer in billions of instances where distance and time would have otherwise prevented them from accomplishing their goals.
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Helio Media is the Authorized Partner of TeamViewer in Malaysia.
Support, assist, interact, and collaborate with people. Exchange information. Access and use technology. With TeamViewer, it provide support effortlessly. Cross-platform PC to PC, mobile to PC, and PC to mobile connections that support Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, Windows App, and BlackBerry. TeamViewer runs on a broad spectrum of operating system ranging from state-of-the-art system software to order operating systems. The biggest problems in using remote maintenance software are generally caused by firewalls, disabled ports, and NAT routers for local IP addresses. Using TeamViewer, these problems no longer exist.
1. What are the meaning of concurrent user and channel?

Concurrent user and channel have the equal mean. It refers to how many people are making the connection at the exact same time.

2. What is the meaning of end users?

End users are those who actually use the product or service.

3. What is the meaning of end point?
An endpoint device acts as a user end point in a distributed computing system. End point devices can include desktop or laptop computers, as well as portable devices like tablets & smart phones.

4. How do I cancel my subscription?

All cancellations must be informed in writing to “”. Written requests must be received by Helio Media no less than 28 days prior to end of the initial term or any renewal term.


  • “We managed to reduce response time from customers’ requests from averagely 3 days to 30 minutes. We can easily use TeamViewer to remotely support from anywhere, anytime at customers’s convenience.”
    Microtech Computer Sdn Bhd
  • “With few clicks on my computers from home and I am able to provide real-time support via TeamViewer to my customers without having to travel!”
    YTJ Management Services Sdn Bhd
  • “Supporting staffs located at different branches across Klang Valley is a huge pain, with TeamViewer we are able to provide quicker support to staff without having to go through the traffic. It helps to increase productivity and of course save time and money.”
    Eco-Shop Marketing Sdn Bhd
  • “We increased our capacity to provide remote support to our customer by 20%.”
    BS Computer Technology
  • “Ease of use and setup for us and our customers! Increase in customers’ satisfaction is the best ROI in investing in TeamViewer.”
    NetEon Communication Sdn Bhd

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