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Working in Helio Media
From the latest IoT technologies, digital signage, integration, on-site technicalities, and marketing, we have it all. Join us to go beyond your limits.

Meet the Team
We are a multidisciplinary team consisting of strategists, engineers communication experts and builders, living under one roof to make a difference in the digital communication era. 

Besides, we taking self improvement very seriously in our company.

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Helio Media is a registered and certified training hub for  

Skim Latihan Dual Negara (SLDN)

We are serious about skill improvement with a hope that our employees can be a lifelong learner and a contributor the society while having a career at Helio Media.

NDTS is the acronym for the National Dual Training System. 

NDTS is a method that is based on industry-driven training concept which is operated through collaboration between companies and training institutions. 
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Internship Program

Hear from our interns

  • “My experience at Helio Media was very rewarding, being given a hands on approach in the technological aspect of digital signage. Overall it was a very fun experience and I learnt a lot during my internship there.”
  • “I have the freedom to explore and grow as the team and superior had given great support when comes to overcoming challenges. It was such an honour and great experience to get my internship done at Helio Media, it is going to be tremendously helpful for my future career development.”
    Pui Yee
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If you are up for a journey of innovation and eager to be involved in some of the most exciting projects in Malaysia, we are just one click away.