Brand awareness is important to consumers. Delivering consistent brand impressions to your target market with digital signage will impact the consumer’s decision and it will further reap the benefits of greater brand awareness.

Digital signage platforms allow flexibility to tailor your ads and promotions throughout the month. Changing messages and getting more for your advertising dollars produce high ROI and target direct consumers.

When it comes to digital signage advertising, what makes Helio Media different from other providers out there? We keep it simple. Whether it is the hardware, content development, or user interface, etc., we believe in simplicity and uncomplicated. We want to provide you with a product that is easy to use so that any of your staff can easily log into the system to update or schedule the content. Anyone can learn to do it, it’s that simple.

Helio Media’s dedicated digital signage team creates innovative solutions that are specifically tailored to your needs and audience. Get a sneak peek into our new product line-up.

What We Offer


Helio Beam

Helio Beam is a display product of more than 1000 nits, recommended for use as an outdoor display. The outstanding features of Helio Beam are robust build, easy to install, low maintenance and good visibility even under bright sunlight.

Helio Lite Beam Series

Helio Lite Beam

Helio Lite Beam is a display system with luminance under 1000 nits, primarily catering for indoor display. Helio Beam’s DCG series is a LED/LCD panel with metal casing and tempered glass, with the variation of WK version being the standee unit, and M version with touchscreen. Additionally, there is the XLS3 series which sports SMD P3 LED displays, an indoor seamless LED display with no limitation on size.

Helio Beam

Helio BeamBox

Another innovative product from Helio Media. Helio BeamBox weighs less than 150g and yet packs a punch, offering advantageous features such as media playback, social media integration and centralised media management. It has the capability to turn a TV into a smart digital signage by just plug and play.

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