Timeline Area of the Output

The Timeline area of the Output is located at the top of the Timeline. It represents the Template containing the Screen Divisions you assigned to the respective Output. Each Screen Division needs to have one Channel assigned to it.


The Output area of the Timeline includes:

– 1. Output Name
– 2. Output Preview area

The Output name is located in the left side of the Timeline above the Channel names.

The Output preview area shows you a small graphic representation of the Template and the Screen Divisions assigned to the Output. Whenever you assign a particular Channel to a division of your Screen, you’ll see its color filling the corresponding section of the Preview area.

If you didn’t assign any Channels to the Output, the output would look hollow:


If you drag a Chanel into the Main Output area, the color of the respective channel fills the section of the template in the Preview. This way, you’ll easily know which parts of your Screen Division have Channels assigned to them.


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