The Scene Editor

The Scene Editor is a key element of the SignageStudio. It is used to enrich the SignageStudio presentation by allowing multiple components (resources and dynamic data feeds) and combined into a single scene, so the components can be embedded into a single Screen Division.

The Scene Editor can be accessed from the main Navigation menu located on the left side of the SignageStudio.


Select the Scene Editor tab.


– Tip: Hover with the mouse over an icon for a quick a tooltip

Click on the plus icon to Add / Create a new Scene. The default name is “New Scene” and will appear in the Scene’s panel.


Before the new scene was created, the rest of the icons were disabled because their action depended on the existence of a scene.

If the above icon is clicked, an existing scene can be duplicated.


Choose YES, and a duplicate Scene will be created in the panel; a Scene with the same components and settings as the original Scene. Click NO, to CANCEL the operation.

To delete a scene click on the “x” button.


If YES is chosen, the selected Scene will be DELETED. Click NO, to CANCEL the operation.

Tip: Remember like any other action, the DELETE action cannot be undone.

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