The Order of Divisions

Screen divisions can be placed at different levels of the display list. This will determine each division’s height in relation to other divisions. The Screen Divisions panel located at the left side will show each division with a tree widget, stacked one on top of the other. The first division on the list is always going to be the lowest on the screen. This means that any other screen division will hide it if the two were to intersect.

The order of the divisions can be keep tracked by looking at the right side of the SignageStudio at the Division properties panel. Each number in the Order field represents the stacking position of that particular Region in relation to others. Number 0 is normally the background; or the lowest division that all other screen divisions lay on top of.

The layering order of each division may be changed using the mouse. Drag a division and drop it above or below other layered screen divisions to change the order of the display list.



If two divisions is drawn on the Screen, and intended for one of the divisions to be the Background and the second one a video, the Screen Division for the Background needs to have number 0 in the stacking order list and the Screen Division for the video region would need to set as 1; therefore 1 will be seen on top of 0. Change the order of the two, and the Background will be on top of the video thus hiding it.

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