Screen Resolution

When creating a new screen configuration, remember to set the correct resolution of the screen templates so it’s the same resolution as the physical output device.

Two different presentations can be created on two separate screens. The resolution of the screens playing these presentations should be equal to the resolution of the configuration of the Screen.

– If a screen with a resolution of 1280 x 720, and the presentation was built using on a Screen configuration that is smaller or larger than what was specified, skewed content may be seen, unless the ratio of width x height is the same, in which case skewing may not be evident but the content may shrink or stretch.

– If the resolution of the Screen configuration is modified after content is built, media files may not maintain their original position.

After the Screen is created and before the Screen Divisions are built, the additional tasks could be performed:

– Resize the Screen by clicking the resize button from the left side of the application

– Drag the handles or margins of the Screen with the mouse

– Modify the Width and Height fields

– Change the name of the Screen

– Assign a new folder to the Screen

– Adjust the orientation

– Adjust the Access Keys



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