Preview Panel

After you uploaded the files you can preview them using the Preview panel located at the right side of the Resource’s panel. To preview a resource you’ll need to left click on its name. The Resources preview panel has three options to allow control over the preview. These options are PLAY, STOP, and CAPTURE.

The first icon is the Play button.

The Play button allows playing of your video files or animations content, followed by the Stop button.

If you click on the Stop button, the video file or animation will stop playing. The third icon is the Capture button.

Capture allows you to create thumbnails or small icons of resources; which are useful when working with timelines. Timelines will be covered in the Campaign chapter. When you click on the Capture icon

a new window called the Icon Creator will appear.

You will see a blue square with several handles as margins. You can move the square with your mouse and change its size before you click OK. The area inside the square will be CAPTURED and a small thumbnail will be created. You also have the option to CANCEL and EXIT the Item creator window.

Internal resources are the files uploaded to the server which include:


These Resources take advantage of the SignagePlayer caching system.

External Resources on the other hand are files that reside outside the server farm and are linked to the SignageStudio and SignagePlayer. An external resource can be an external video, external swf’s or images, as well as HTML web pages and other types of media.

Internal or external resources can be used in a Scene or directly on a Timeline.

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