Introduction to Media Adnet

Media Adnet serves as a centralized system for advertisement and other visual components. Regardless of any type of media screen, the Media Adnet delivers creative and flexible campaigns across multiple platforms and multiple markets using one centralized management tool. With the Media Adnet platform users can target advertising based on sites, demographics, time of day and specific screens, all with the simplest process.

Advantages of using Media Adnet:


  • Unlike Campaigns, Media Adnet can target specific screens without having to change their campaigns and can easily include schedule timing for the advertisement. The arrangement of visuals is also created by the system and so users saves time in creating timelines as it is done in Campaigns.
  • Media Adnet also provides Proof of Play which serves as evidence for view counts and playtime for visual contents.
  • As Media Adnet runs on Packages system, multiple Packages can be targeted towards a same device (given a kiosk or a screen), and the system will display all of the content of the Packages without having to rearrange everything in the campaign.


The Media Adnet supports the following visual file formats:


  • Jpeg
  • PNG (Will display as black color if background is left transparent)
  • Mpeg4 (Volume is adjustable in the Packages)

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