Creating a new screen


When open the SignageStudio Screens and Divisions, the left side will contain a Navigation Menu with several buttons. The first one is named Screens. If clicked on, the application will open the settings for the Screens module.
To create a Screen by using the Screen Wizard, click on the plus (+) sign on the left side of the application, a new window will open to create the Screen configuration.

Next the Screen Resolution will be defined. pic1


pic2The Screen Resolution needs to match the same resolution of final output device. If the presentation is to be viewed on a screen with a resolution of 1280 x 720 for example, the screen resolution will be set at 1280 x 720. This case applies to all sizes; SignageStudio supports full HD of 1920 x 1080 resolution and higher.
The Screen Resolution could be set in this window either by using the dropdown menu, which contains preconfigured standard sizes, or manually set the width and height. To set the size manually, enter the data in the Width and Height fields respectively.

After the resolution of the screen is set, it can be renamed. The Screen Resolution and the name of the screen can be changed at any point. A folder could be assigned for the Screen by entering a name in the Folder field. After the Screen Resolution and the name is set, the Orientation of the Screen and the Access Key can be set.

Continue by clicking Next and a dialog of “Generate Screen Divisions (recommended)” will be presented with a check box next to it. The checkbox is checked by default and will instruct the wizard to automatically create a basic set of Screen Divisions.

After the Finish button is clicked, a new Screen is created below the Navigation menu, along with the name of the Screen.

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