Campaigns – Timeline and Channel

A Campaign consists of any number of Timelines. A Timeline can have any number of Channels and Outputs. A Campaign represents what is assigned to a Station. A Station is the computer where you have installed the SignagePlayer.

You can build any number of Campaigns and assign one campaign to one remote station. You can also choose to Play one Campaign for a certain period of time and switch to another Campaign at any point.

Before you begin building your first Campaign, you should check to make sure you’ve completed the flowing steps; as it is necessary to prepare your presentation before you start building your Campaigns. We’ll explain later in this Chapter all the steps of creating a presentation and define a Campaign for it. For now, make sure you don’t skip one of these steps before starting to build a Campaign.

– 1. Check if you imported all the necessary files in the resources directory and assigned folders to them for organization
– 2. You defined one or more Screens, set the desired resolution, and draw the Screen Divisions in the Screens section of the SignageStudio
– 3. Check the position and size of your Screen Divisions
– 4. Check the layering order of your Screen Divisions
– 5. Check the Orientation of your Screens
– 6. Check if you properly set the width and height for any scene you may want to include in your presentation ;

To access the Campaign section of the SignageStudio you select the Campaign tab from the main Navigation menu.

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