Building a Campaign

Start building your Campaign by following the Campaign wizard.

Click on the ADD icon located in the Campaign’s panel.


a new dialog window appears on your Screen



The Campaign wizard will allow you to build a Campaign by going through several steps. As you can see in the left side of the wizard, there are four sections:

– 1. Campaign
– 2. Output
– 3. Timeline
– 4. Screen Divisions


You can navigate to a different sections of the wizard directly by clicking on its name, or you can use the Next and Previous buttons.


Step 1: Set a name for your Campaign.

Step 2: Assign a new or existing folder or subfolder for the Campaign. You can assign a folder by entering the name/path of the folder in the “Folder” field. You can leave this field empty and decide later if you want to assign a folder / subfolder.

Step 3: Next you can choose to set the Campaign mode. You can set the mode either to Sequence or Scheduler.

The default mode is the Sequence mode. It will set the Timelines to play one after the other in a sequential order; while the Scheduler mode will allow you to set the Timelines to Play at certain periods of time (days, hours, minutes).



Step 4: Check the access key provided by the network administrator.

Step 5: Click the Next button to access the settings from the Output section.



Step 6: Choose a Screen from the Screens dropdown list


In this dropdown list you can select a Screen you’ve created in the Screens section of the SignageStudio.

Step 7: Next let’s set a new name for the Output. A Campaign can have more than one Output. You can add additional Outputs at any point.


Step 8: Click the Next button to access the Timeline section of the Campaign wizard. In this section, you will add a Timeline to your campaign. You can add an unlimited number of Timelines to a Campaign after you’ve created it.

Step 9: Set the name for the Timeline in the “Name” field.


Step 10: Also in the Timeline Section of the Campaign wizard you can set the duration of the Timeline. The default duration is 00:1:00 minute. You can set the duration of the Timeline either by entering numeric values in the corresponding fields (hours, minutes, and seconds), or by using the UP and DOWN arrows keys.

After you’ve created a Campaign, you can change the duration of a Timeline.

Step 11: Click the Next button to access the Screen divisions section of the Campaign Wizard. In this section you’ll choose a default Screen Division for the Timeline.

You can add multiple Screen Divisions to a Timeline after you’ve created the Campaign.



Click the Finish button to complete the Campaign Wizard or Cancel to abort all settings.

After you’ve created the New Campaign, several components of the Campaign were automatically created.

– 1. The Timeline containing the Screen Division for the Output.



– 2. The Output containing the viewers or regions you drew in the Screen’s section; each Output different

– 3. Channels appeared on the Timeline. Each Channel has a different color corresponding to the colors of the regions in the Output section.


In the Campaign’s panel, besides the option to ADD a new Campaign, you can also duplicate or DELETE a Campaign.

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